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Learning Groups January 22-March 2 2006

Readings and Discussions on Sexuality

The first learning group will be: Introductions. Introductions to each other, to the topic and to the unique FreeSchool learning environment. Considering the volatile nature of this topic, special efforts will be made to ensure a learning space based in mutually respectful participation. During our first meeting, we will determine via consensus, what topics everyone wants to explore during the remaining 5 sessions. Depending on how this first session goes, the remaining sessions could conceivably focus on only one of the following ideas or cover none of them and instead chose other aspects of sexuality to discuss.

Below, a sampling of the possible topics which have been prepared:

History of Sexuality

Readings From: History of Sexuality-Michael Foucault

Homo, Inter and Trans Sexual Animal Behavior

Readings From: Biological Exuberance-Bruce Bagemihl

Linguistic Analysis of Sexual Discourse

  • noun classes and gendered language explored
  • how might the structure of language inform our understanding of sexualty?

Readings From: Wikipedia

Gender in Mythology

Readings From: African Genesis--Frobenius (and many others)

Gender as Pathology? An exploration of the Psychiatric Status Quo

Readings from: DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)

Sacred and Ritual Sex: the Role of Sex in Religio-Practices

Readings From: The Sacred and the Profane, The Gnostics, Dictionary of Obscenity and Taboo, Satanic Bible: Book of Rituals, The Quran and more...

Span: Jan 22 to Feb 26, 2006

Day of Week: Sundays

Location: Spartacus Bookstore 319 W Hastings 2nd Floor

Time: 6:30 to 8pm


Beyond Sensory Perception

Breaking axioms to free ourselves from ignorance and to help us live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Throughout history society has had certain beliefs about the world, the universe, our environment and ourselves. Society has clung to these beliefs, even after proven wrong. When dissenters attempt to prove to authority whatís true they've been ridiculed and many have even been killed! Remember when the sun circled around the earth?

"Every society honours it's live conformists and it's dead troublemakers"

         -Mignon McLaughlin

This learning group will focus upon lies that have become so commonplace that they are rendered fact, and how these lies have been used to hurt and manipulate us. We all have within us the ability to know truth, and this knowledge will show us that there are fundamental principles that govern our universe, stating that every human is equal, intelligent and deserving of the same freedoms. The learning group is for open-minded people that want to share what they know, and who want to learn more about politics and our society, and for people who feel like they could use a good energy boost.

With a large portion of the learning group dedicated to Natural Hygiene, a specific way of eating to best help and heal our bodies, people will learn what the best way to consume food is, and how we've been deliberately misinformed. Come learn, and share, what's been ingrained into our belief system for so long and so deeply that we hardly have any reason to give it second thought, and learn how to prevent maladies in your body, while gaining energy and losing unnecessary weight.

Span: Jan 26 to Mar 2

Day of Week:Thursdays

Location: Spartacus Bookstore 319 W Hastings 2nd Floor

Time: 6:30 to 8pm


Voluntary Simplicity

Course materials offered by the Northwest Earth Institute will be used for a discussion group running for six weeks as an hour and a half evening meeting. The program prepared by the institute on voluntary simplicity addresses the distractions of modern society that keep us from caring for ourselves, our relationships and our environment. Both the format and the content of the series will unfold opportunities for increased connection with parts of our world that support our existence.

The format will utilize a gentle, open participation among the group. A slow pace of getting to know something of each othersí values can allow us to bring forth and appreciate our nascent ideas. These ideas are the buds of our relationship with a more simple lifestyle, and can be gently admired as they grow together into a small bouquet of beauty that enriches our lives in the current complex world. Specifically, from a state of appreciative enquiry, each participant will be asked to share something small that allows her or his care for self, community or environment to be directly rewarding. Gentle creativity will be employed to weave together our ideas into a tableau that creates a small web of interconnectedness among the group. Exploration of how we feel within that web will be conducted as we carry on our more formal exploration of the course materials.

The materials and information of the course content comprise of high caliber thinking on the issues of health, environment, ecology and community. Besides the materials from the Earth Institute, we will explore ideas about integration of spirit into our modern existence, bioregionalism, local and personal self-reliance, as studied by some of the amazing people in our community, as well as any ideas brought forth by the members of the group.

Span: 6 weeks

Day of Week: Tuesdays

Location: Spartacus Bookstore 319 W Hastings 2nd Floor

Time: 6:30 to 8pm


Graffiti History and Guerilla Public Art

In this learning group participants will look at a variety of graffiti genres and debates surrounding the world of this 'art form without permission.' This course is for people who are open minded and interested in exploring history, techniques and issues involving graffiti. No actual graffiti will be practiced by the group members during the scheduled course hours.

Some of the topics explored will be:

  • graffiti culture of Southern California,
  • graffiti culture of Canada,
  • the new movement of street art on a worldwide scale and it's motivations,
  • freight train graffiti and moniker culture.

The course is five sessions long, and there will be a graffiti video at every session, followed by discussion, sharing of journal entries and a walk. Participants will be encouraged to dress warmly.

Each session will begin with a video or a short slide show presentation, and then we will go out on a walk through the neighborhood. All of our materials are from dumpsters and from our binning trips, or from our recycle bins. The only new things we use are paint pens. Police officers are not invited and all participants may not be involved with law enforcement.

Span: Jan 22 to Feb 19, 2006

Day of Week: Sundays

Location: Recycled Public Art workshop at Gallery Gachet 88 East Cordova Street, Vancouver, B.C.

Time: 2pm-6pm

Link: Gallery Gachet Vancouver